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What Is Equity Release?

Equity Release refers to the various ways in which you can use your home to generate income. This means that you can release money from your property (tax free) without the hassle of having to move. You will not be forced to make additional interest payments so Equity Release really does appeal to many people. There are usually certain conditions that you must meet before taking out Equity Release, so click the button below to find out more.

Why Choose Equity Release Broker?

We are proud to say that the advisers we deal with have a combined level of experience which spans over 23 years and we have helped to release millions of pounds for people looking for equity release support.

How the advisers help you:

  • They compare the entire market
  • They are an independent option
  • They provide a bespoke solution
  • They offer a free consultation with no obligation
  • If equity release is not right for you, THEY WILL TELL YOU!

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